Rye Studio School

Rye Studio for the Creative Industries is a new model of education that partners traditional qualifications with industry experience. Our small school values community and creativity, preparing young people for global employment in the twenty first century. Communication skills are at the heart of our work with discourse, reflection and evaluation driving improved self-esteem, pride and confidence. To unlock potential, students are supported by Learning and Personal Coaches from the worlds of education and industry to inspire and support, developing enquiring minds to take risks, meet challenges, understand contemporary business and achieve in their national qualifications. Our Create framework monitors improved personal attitudes to behaviour and responsibility preparing all students for the world of work.

Access to Rye Studio School

Access to our school is open to all. Our specialist curriculum allows students to progress into varied career paths; our specialist Arts offer partners a traditional model at Rye College, our sister school within the campus, to allow young people to choose the pathway that is appropriate to them. Our key stage four curriculum that enables students to focus on the creative subjects but gain a broad education that supports their progression into further education or employment. The House of Commons Education Committee reported in 2011 that: 'pupils who are positively engaged in learning are less likely to have behaviour problems. If the future curriculum …. meets the needs of all pupils and contains a mix of academic and vocational subjects, while being differentiated and enjoyable'. Students with previously poor experiences and attitudes to school embrace the Rye Studio ethos and positively contribute to student life, community and engage in their learning.

Key Stage 5 at Rye Studio School

Key stage five students focus on a curriculum covering the Visual, Performing and Production Arts and the business behind them including Maths, English and Business. We are well placed geographically in the creative corridor in the South East that spans from Brighton to Margate by train, accessing galleries, theatres and museums but also new expansions in the creative industries such as the television studios at Maidstone and the huge television and film studios at Purfleet. Our vision is outward looking and our location places us equally within reach of Europe as to the rest of the UK and our learning opportunities reflect this. Our Gold International Schools Award represents the global context of our projects. Students and staff collaborate to plan, devise, deliver, evaluate and share visual, performance and production events across Europe in person or virtually, connecting classrooms, lives and experiences to offer citizenship experience and progression into a European Creative Market offering social mobility to young people in our deprived area with high levels of unemployment. Reflective practise develops respectful and tolerant critique amongst the students, celebrating social, moral, spiritual and cultural diversity through the Arts.


Project Based Learning

Project based learning contextualises traditional examination courses in a real world scenario inspiring young minds to question, enquire and create essential questions and independently explore areas of curriculum that engage their interest. Extensive planning of projects across the staffing body ensures that assessment objectives are met whilst high level thinking and analytical reflections access top grades within the GCSE, BTec and A level courses. Developing the capacity to support this was evidenced in Mathematics where our first cohort all exceeded their targets achieving Grade As. Many students exceeded their national expected targets with some making 4 levels above their target (DfE 16+ league tables 2017). We are proud to offer specialist work placements at national centres such as The De La Warr Pavilion, Dove International, Modus PR, Rye Arts Festival and The White Rock. We collaborate with the Crafts Council, Artswork, British Council and more to position our learning in a national context. We work to create a legacy for the Arts in the UK as seen in 'Our Future is in the Making' Crafts Council manifesto, 2014. Partnership schools in Denmark, Spain and France offer extension to our learning with reciprocal visits and study trips broadening minds and horizons. Our delivery has been recognised by Lord Baker and David Harbourne of The Edge Foundation who visited Rye Studio, "The quality of work was outstanding, but what struck me most of all was a pervading sense of calm, creativity and self-assurance. Several students told me they had been nowhere near as confident when they started at the school nine months earlier" (2014).

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