Education with Industry


'Partnerships with local business and organisation, including the local authority, as well as some furhter afield. Students benefit from a very wide range of work experience.'



Rye Studio offers a unique model in partnership with business across a range of industries, extending out and beyond the creative focus. Employers, entrepreneurs, specialist practitioners and experts join the Studio and offer a range of experiences to enrich and enhance the curriculm. We believe that working with industry is an essential part of our education and offers insight into the tuture opportunities and careers choices.

Working with industry provides an essential professional skill set for success in the 21st centure, providing young people with confidence to enter into the world of work upon graduation. Employability skills are discussed and explored in seminars, presentations, in the work place or via briefs within the projects. All aspects are grought together to provide every student with specific industry skills, a deep understanding of the range of employment models and a pathway to a fast track career. 

There are also a wide variety of benefits to be gained from working with Rye Studio.

  • We can offer our partners excellent business facilities, including a conference area, break-out rooms, a café, outdoor space, and parking. We can also provide contact details for local hotels and restaurants to provide a full conference package.
  • We have a dedicated business hub where our partners have advertising opportunities, and can hold one-to-one meetings, with access to our café.
  • There is an extensive exhibition space available for hire.
  • There are numerous opportunities to discuss ideas with our specialist staff and coaches.
  • You have opportunities at the Studio to promote your business and meet link-minded business directors.
  • You will be able to engage with young people who need real, live projects to work on; from designing a website to market research.


‚ÄčDeloitte Expert Programme


Howard Lovell, CEO Deloitte Switzerland and Garth Crooks, OBE


In addition to our partnerships with local and national businesses, creative organisations and employers we are delighted to work with international financiers, Deloitte Switzerland, to provide students with an exciting programme of expert masterclasses and lectures from CEOs to entrepreneurs, television presenters to sports professionals, advertising executives to polar explorers. Rye Studio patron, Howard Lovell, CEO of Delotte Switzerland work with us to introduce students to this broad spectrum of entrepreneurs and individuals who offer insight into the working life of Chief Exectutives across the country. From Garth Crooks, OBE, BBC presenter and international footballer and Cilla Snowball, CBE, leading AMV BBDO, advertising and marketing group delivering the majority of all advertising we see on a daily basis to Ben Saunders, polar explorer, record-breaking long distance skier and magazine founder and editor. Guest speakers discuss the joys and challenges of their particular sector to inspire and engage, along with giving advice on how to gain those first important steps into employment and their top tips for success in their particular field. 

This relationship is a unique offer and students benefit hugely from presentations, informal questionsing sessions, industry briefs for curriculmn modules and on-going mentoring and career support with these outstanding industry figures. This brings career advice and guidance alive - students are able to consider if they have the skillset to enter into their chosen profession or if they need to develop new skills or select an alternative pathway.


Frazer Thomson, CEO of Chapel Down Wines in Tenterden


Speakers have covered a variety of industries, including hospitality with Alastair Stewart of etc. venues based in London and Birmingham and winemaking with Frazer Thomson, CEO of Chapel Down Wines, Tenterden, an award-winning local vineyard which has made an impressive mark on the international fine wine market.










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