Just before half term, a group of 18 Year 12 students spent five days at our partner school, Faaeborgegnens Efterskole, in Denmark.

We managed to pack a lot into a short stay! Our lovely hosts had laid on a variety of activities for us to take part in. We went into their English lessons, where we discussed the differences between the English and Danish education systems and the different challenges that English students have to face. The Danish students don’t have any formal exams and get paid to go to University. All this was in English of course, which the Danish students speak very well.

We also made ice sculptures outside in sub zero temperatures! This competition was eventually won by Max, Ryan and Jamie, despite none of them being artists and despite their initial grumpy reluctance to actually leave the warmth of the art studio and venture outside into the snow. That evening the Danes showed us how they cope with the cold weather, by introducing us to the art of Hygge. This involves log fires, candles, blankets, food, hot chocolate and friends. After the Hygge master class, I noticed a lot of our students wrapped up in snuggly blankets and hogging the log burner in the common room.

On our last full day in Denmark we visited the Ladby Skibet, a Viking long ship burial and then ventured into Odense, where we did the typical tourist thing and had our group photo taken outside the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen.

The days passed quickly and it was, all too soon, time to go home. We all had a wonderful time due to the kindness of our lovely hosts and were very sad to leave, especially as we had to leave at 5.30pm to get to the airport on time. The students and staff have made lasting friendships and many plan to return to visit in the summer. Lizzie got added to the Kissing Wall and Emma misses the cakes.